Gym Schedule


Open Gym Rules

There are designated times for anyone interested in enjoying our gym in a fun, relaxing environment.

General Rules and Information

  • Horseplay or other unsafe behaviors is not permitted.
  • Adhere to all rules set by Y Staff.
  • Be sure to wear proper attire
  • Please see program guide or gym wall for a complete list of rules

Please remember that our GYM is shared by programs, classes families, camp, and all our members.

The Y holds priority over the gym schedule for programs such as camp or Child Care.

The gym schedule is subject to change without notice due to weather, special events and/or gym rentals.

The Y will do everything possible to notify our members as far in advance as possible about changes. Changes will be posted at our Welcome Desk, Social Media, and REMIND (Text Alert) - See Front Desk for this information.


GYM HOURS (hours/capacity are limited due to COVID 19)



Open Gym

· To reserve the gym/check in, you must go to the Member Service Desk first.

· Reservations will be requested and walk-ins will be on a first come, first serve basis.

· Members will receive a wrist band to be worn at all times while in the building.

· Wristbands are handed out at the front desk and the member/nonmember will walk around and through fitness entrance to be checked in (front desk will radio fitness).

· Enter through the Front Lobby doors.

· Participants will be encouraged to maintain 6ft social distancing.

· Participants must wear masks at all times while in the facility.

· Participants will need to provide their own equipment to use.

· Bathrooms will be limited to the facilities in the front room ONLY.

· Contact sports are not permitted at this time.

· Limit to 6 individuals per one time slot reservation

(Families not included in this total-please see desk for more information).


Current Open Gym Schedule

Monday- 6am-8:45am/11:30am-12:15pm/1:30-3pm

Tuesday- 6am-8:45am/1:30pm-3pm

Wednesday- 6am-8:45am/1:30pm-3pm

Thursday- 6am-10am/11:30am-12:15pm/1:30pm-3pm

Friday- 6am-8:45am/1:30pm-3pm

Saturday- 8am-8:50am/9am-9:50am